Understanding How Your Cat Communicates With You


Cats are often regarded as being enigmatic animals. Although cats have one means to communicate with their own species, they have different means of communicating with us. Every cat has a unique personality but their owners come to understand their cat’s individual traits. In this article we will provide an overview of how cats “talk” with humans.

Body Language: Cats are quick, agile and move gracefully – their bodies are very expressive. For example, when your cat stretches out in front of you, he is feeling self-assured and at-ease. When your cat turns onto his back with his stomach showing, he is in a lazy state and in high spirits – a signal that your cat feels loved and protected. If your cat’s paws are curled under his body, this is also a sign that your cat is feeling secure.

Eye Contact: Your cat’s eyes are very expressive means to communicate. When your cat stares into your eyes, this can be seen as a sign of affection. If your cats eyes are dilated, this is a signal of fear. When a cat is aggressive, the cat’s eyelids will draw close so you can only see a smaller amount of the pupil.

Tail Movement: Cat also use their tails to communicate their feelings. When a cat holds their tail straight up, this a sign that the cat is feeling confident and proud. If a cat has their tail upright, with a curve at the top, the cat is showing signs of friendliness. If the cats tail hangs straight down, this is a sign of aggression.

Purring: Cats will generally make a purring sound if they are feeling happy. You will most certainly have noticed it when you stroke your cat, or if your cat is rubbing against you. One thing to note is that sometimes cats will purr if they are in pain. So this is a bit of a mixed signal!

Vocal Sounds: Cats tend to make “meow” sounds when they want to get a humans attention, for example, dinner time. The cat may also make vocal sounds if he would like to play with the human.

Following Their Human: If a cat likes a human, they will tend to follow that person around the home or outside in the yard. The fact that the cat wants to spend time with a person, is a sign of affection in itself.


As you can see from the above, each cat has their own way of communicating with humans. Keep an eye out for for these frequently seen signals to understand how your cat is feeling and to improve the bond with your cat.

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