What To Do If You Meet an Aggressive Dog

Aggressive Small Dog

There may be occasions when you are walking your dog or walking alone and meet a loose, aggressive or unknown dog. In this article we will explain the do’s and don’ts if you meet an aggressive dog.

What you should do when you encounter an aggressive dog:

  1. ┬áStay above the dog’s eye level. This shows you in a dominant position to the dog.
  2. If faced with an aggressive dog, do not run away, remain calm and in still position.
  3. Use a calm and soothing voice to communicate with the aggressive dog.
  4. Avoid eye contact with an unfamiliar or aggressive dog. The dog may see eye contact as a challenge.
  5. Avoid smiling at the dog. Depending on the dog, they may consider the showing of teeth a sign of aggression.

What you should not do when you encounter an aggressive dog:

  1. Do not run towards the unknown dog or a dog showing aggressive body language, the dog may see this as a challenge and attack.
  2. Do not touch an unfamiliar dog’s back or tail. Generally be cautious of touching an unfamiliar dog as they may act unpredictably with a stranger.
  3. Do not sneak up or surprise an unknown dog. They may attack out of fear.

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